Global Studies Reminders

Wiki Rubric:

I added the rubric to the project directions, but I’ll post it here as well:

  • 10 pts. – Conscise biography or summary of subject
  • 10 pts. – Strong explanation of the subject’s significance
  • 5 pts. – Connect subject to at least one of the course themes
  • 10 pts. – Proper In-text citations & Works Cited Section

The wiki page is worth a total of 45 points for the 1st quarter

Schedule Reminders:

Monday 9/12 – La Belle Epoque Outlines collected!

  • Block 3: We’re back in Room 304 learning about the philosophy of Nietzsche and the era of La Belle Epoque
  • Block 4: We’re back in the library to work on the wikis.

Tuesday 9/13 – Wikis due!

  • Review key figures of La Belle Epoque, and learn about Freudian psychology
  • Distribute Things Fall Apart

Wednesday 9/14

  • Introduce Social Darwinism & Imperialism
  • Introduce Imperialism Project