Global Studies: Step II Instructions

Guidelines for a possible outline:

  1. Introduction
    1. Attention-grabbing opener (Find a quote, statistic, question, or SHORT story)
    2. Thesis Statement
  2. History of the Issue
    1. What’s the history of the issue? (How did we get here?)
    2. Why is this worthy of international concern? (Why should Americans care?)
    3. What is currently being done? (Are they heading in the right direction?)
  3. Proposal
    1. Why does this need outside intervention? (A call to action)
    2. Who should step up? (Be reasonable!)
    3. What should be done? (Brainstorm with our policy tools!)
  4. Conclusion
    1. Reinforce main ideas and proposals

Expectations for Bibliography:

  • MINIMUM of Seven Sources
  • Proper APA Format
  • Typed on a separate sheet of paper

Step II Deadlines:

3rd Block: November 18th

4th Block: November 22nd