AP Geo: Gapminder

Step 1: List the criteria that a More Developed Country (MDC) would have and a Less Developed Country (LDC) would not have.

Step 2: Explain the stages to Rostow’s Model for development.

Step 3: List a country you believe to be a MDC, a country you believe to be an LDC, and a country somewhere in between.

Step 4: Select two of the criteria listed above, and determine which should be the independent variable and which should be the dependent variable.

Step 5: Create a graph on Gapminder to represent these criteria in the three countries you selected over time. Embed the graph into your wiki

Step 6: Analyze the graph from the perspective of Rostow. Do these countries follow his model?

Step 7: Offer a personal reflection on the activity. What did you learn from this process?






AP Geography