Global Studies: Paired Presentations


  • Presentations should be interesting, creative, and thoroughly cover the topic. You must emphasize the long and short-term impacts and consequences of your topic.
  • The presentation should be supplemented by a GoogleDocs slideshow with 7-10 slides. Each slide should have a maximum of ten words, and a supporting photo, map, cartoon, or another image.
  • You must create an outline or guide for your classmates to organize their notes on your presentation.
  • Using NoodleTools, you must create an APA bibliography with five sources you used in your research. At least one resource must be in print.

Countries and regions which will be covered: 

  • Senegal & Algeria
  • South Africa
  • The Belgian Congo
  • India
  • Sudan
  • Egypt
  • Japan (an imperial power)
  • Indonesia
  • China

World War I topics which will be covered:

  • Battle of the Marne                          
  • Battle of Frontiers      
  • Battle of Verdun
  • Battle of Gallipoli                              
  • Christmas Day Truce                                   
  • Brussilov Offensive