Unit II: Population & Migration

Paris, France. Photo taken in 2011 from Eiffel Tower.
View of Paris, France. Photo taken in 2011 from Eiffel Tower.

Where do people live? 
Why do people move?
These are two of the most fundamental questions in human geography. This fascinating unit offers an introduction in demography, and will investigate global trends in population and migration. Project 2 will focus on using US Census data to analyze social issues from around the country.

Class Resources:

Unit 2 Vocabulary Chart
Population PPT

Class Readings:

Excerpt of  An Essay on Principles of Human Population
Malthus, T. (1998). An essay on the principle of population (R. J. Robbins,
Ed.). (Original work published 1798)
(No, we’re not reading the whole thing!!)

Cave, D. (2011, July 6). Better lives for Mexicans cut allure of going north.
New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/

Media Sources:

Seven Billion  (National Geographic)
No Babies? (NY Times)
Migration (The Economist)
World Population, Concentrated (Per Square Mile)
Fewer Babies, For Better or For Worse (NY Times)
Does Family Planning Bring Down Fertility? (Science Magazine)
Are More People Necessarily a Problem? (Science Magazine)