Global Studies


Twentieth Century Global Studies, building upon the tenth grade American Studies curriculum, moves students from an American outlook on the 20th century to a multicultural, pluralistic, global perspective.  The course begins at the close of the 19th century examining Europe and the global impact of imperialism and concludes with topics focusing on the developing world and contemporary issues of interdependence.  Throughout this progression, students examine the events and issues of the 20th century world through several long-term research and writing projects.  This course demands a high level of critical thinking, research, and writing. It gives the student a unique and global view of the 20th century.

Student reading will include selections from both primary and secondary sources along with literature and novels.  Several assignments will require independent research.  It is imperative that students keep up with both reading and written homework in order to be actively involved in class activities and discussions.  Students must learn to formulate and defend personal opinions.  Students will gain an understanding of current events and their historical significance by analyzing multimedia news sources.

Course Downloads:

College Prep Syllabus
Honors Syllabus
Class Themes & Policy Tools Presentation